Inspiring success in our customers while helping them generate results.


Educating the masses with compassion and care.


Building change through action and interaction.

Our clients say

"She's very efficient, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. Definitely get with Angenett!
Miranda Starks
" I loved everything about he Personal Development Workshop! I still have my vision board on my wall!"
Ericka Hubbard
Workshop Attendee

Meet The Owner

I am devoted to delivering the finest workshops.

Angenett Curry


Frequently asked questions

Prospective Vision Solutions LLC (PVS) mission is to provide personal development training to low income and those that are lacking the knowledge to live an abundant life through vision board workshops, financial literacy workshops, personal development workshops, professional development workshops and holistic relationship workshops.

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Services Include:

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Credit Repair Workshop

  • Financial Literacy 101 Workshop

  • Homebased Business Bookkeeping 101 Workshop

  • Personal Development Workshop

  • Professional Development Workshop

  • Holistic Relationship Workshop

  • Motivational Speaking

Peer to Peer Mentoring Services

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