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How Can We Help You Succeed?

This is a one-hour workshop/webinar that will cover 12 complete steps to financial freedom. The financial literacy workshop is designed to alert, inform, and educate clients on
the concepts of personal finance and money management. Clients will begin to develop the
skills and strategies that promote personal and financial responsibility related to financial
planning, credit repair, budgeting, opening saving accounts, investments accounts, life
insurance policies, and charitable giving in the global community. This workshop will start
students on a path toward being in control of their personal​ finances.

This is a two-hour workshop/webinar that covers how to use the laws of attraction to
create the life you want. This workshop is designed to teach clients how to create a unique vision board using pictures, images, and words to represent their dreams and goals as they prepare for their new fun, and exciting life. They will learn how to channel their thoughts into action to produce transformative results. This workshop teaches clients how to
successfully achieve their goals and aspirations.

This one-hour workshop/webinar will cover how employees​
in the workplace can develop the FISH Attitude to improve morale and productivity in the
workplace. Angenett uses the steps outlined in the book FISH to improve customer service, build trust and teamwork,​
and bolster leadership, and increase employee satisfaction in their workplace. We will also
go over the​ four DISC personality behavior types and how clients can use this profile to build a stellar work environment.

This two-hour workshop/webinar discusses the key components of developing and managing good credit. We discuss:
 • How to increase your credit score quickly​
• Things that can hurt your credit score​
• How & Why you should repair your credit​
• How to build credit after financial sabotage, bankruptcy, or divorce​
• How to legally dispute student loans​
• What to look for when seeking assistance from credit repair companies

This is a one-hour workshop/webinar. Is your current job making you dread Monday mornings? Discover the​ steps to start a profitable home-based business. Open your business the legal way so you can file your business expenses on your taxes. Angenett will go over every step so you can
learn how to create an​
extra stream of income using your talents and skills. Do what you love and make money at
the same time.

Personal Life or Personal Finance Coaching

Angenett Curry provides face-to-face coaching on​
showing you how to manifest your dreams and how to create and live the life you’ve always wanted. Angenett provides a one-hour private session in which she asks pertinent
questions to create the perfect game plan to steer your life in the direction of financial freedom.

This is a one-hour workshop/webinar designed for young adults ages 14-24. The students
in this workshop will play a​ financial literacy board game that has the components to teach conflict resolution, integrity, bill payment, investing, and job security. At the end of the game, each student should be
able to realize what’s most important​ to achieving financial stability for them and the families they plan to create.

Whether you are a teacher, college instructor, church, business, or organization, Angenett Curry will inspire your audience to make a transformation by telling her compelling story of
how she received her Prospective Vision by persevering through life-changing events that
molded her into the person she is today. As she goes into detail about her face off with life and what she did to change her future of hopelessness, your audience will be captivated and inspired to make a positive change.

This one-hour workshop/webinar will show students how to apply the ten steps of
personal development by Jim Rohm. This class dissects the ten steps of professional
development so the student can effectively apply each step to​
their personal life.

We will meet with you once a month for an hour by zoom, facetime, or phone conferencing to mentor you on any of the services we offer. You will have our undivided attention as we discuss strategies and tips to get you focused and, on your way, to achieving your goals. If you need guidance on how to repair your own credit, we can assist with that also. No matter what you need guidance on, we will develop a specific plan according to your personal circumstance that will guarantee a successful turnout.