Dear Customer,

Didn’t get approved today? Cheer up, we have a solution for you!

Ellis Autoplex has partnered with Prospective Vision Solutions LLC, a credit repair and financial literacy company, to help you with the process of raising your credit score where it needs to be so we can put you in that vehicle.

Prospective Vision Solutions LLC, dba P.V.S. Financial Coaching & Services, has been helping clients improve their credit scores since 2016. P.V.S. is licensed and bonded in the state of Mississippi, and is a minority and woman-owned small business registered with In as little as three (3) months, P.V.S. can increase your credit score (Be mindful that this is contingent upon the number of delinquent accounts that are listed on your credit reports. But typically, in three to nine months, scores increase 50-150 points). You can trust their services and know that you are in good hands!

To submit your inquiry form, click here, and someone will contact you to help you start your journey.

Remember, the car that you really want is on the other side of a good credit score!