10 Essential Financial Literacy Books To Read Right Now

Financial literacy should be a required course alongside English, History, and Math beginning in
elementary school. It is absolutely necessary that each, and everyone, knows how to manage their
finances—this includes saving, spending, budgeting, and investing. It plays a crucial role in our lives
and lifestyle. The books listed in this blog will give you the tools that you need to get on track or
improve your financial status. Whether you have made bad financial choices or life has been
challenging for you, these books will give you informed options to steer your financial future in the
right direction.

1.  The Barefoot Investor–author, Scott Pape

2.  The One-Page Financial Plan– author, Carl Richards

3.   I Will Teach You To Be Rich–author, Ramit Sethi

4.  The Total Money Makeover–author, Dave Ramsey

5.  Money: Master The Game–author, Tony Robbins

6.  The Intelligent Investor–author, Benjamin Graham

7.  Think and Grow Rich–author, Napoleon Hill

8.  The Millionaire Fastlane–author, MJ DeMarco

9.  The Millionaire Next Door–author, Thomas J. Stanley

10. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mindset–author, T. Harv Eker

As fore-mentioned, financial literacy should be taught and practiced from a young age. As soon as a
child is old enough to earn an allowance, they should be taught the value of that money, beginning with
a piggy bank or savings account. Angenett Curry, the owner of Prospective Vision Solutions, has
penned several books that are geared toward teaching children how to have an entrepreneurial mindset.
These books are:

1.  My First Savings Account

2.  Investing 101 For Kids

3.  Why Should I Manage My Money?

4.  My First Job

All of the books listed in this blog are available for purchase on Amazon. You can also view other financial
literacy services, free tools, blogs, and products on our website, prospectivevs.com.

Ms. Curry has also created journals that can be viewed at lulu.com. A journal is important for logging your financial goals and milestones, in addition to keeping track of other important details and engagements.

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