5 Courses Of Action To Implement To Be Financially Ready For 2023

To have a life in which you are able to live day to day without financial worries requires forethought, planning, and discipline. If you prepare now to manage your finances wisely, your future will be prosperous, fulfilling, and exciting. Set aside time to study the following five steps and resources that are listed at the end of the blog. All of the information is valuable and will guide you to a secure future—immediate and distant.


Sit down and take a complete inventory of all of your assets, expenses, debt, and income by listing each along with its amount (column format would be best).

Assets: balance in any checking, savings, money market accounts, stocks and bonds, retirement savings, market value of home or properties, etc.

Expenses: groceries, gas/car maintenance, clothing, utilities, mortgage/rent, dining out, entertainment, debt payments, cable, cell phone, etc.

Debt: mortgage, credit cards, outstanding loans, car payments, student loans, etc.
Income: wages or salary, social security payment, income from side hustles, interest or dividend income, commissions, etc.

You can determine your current net worth by subtracting the total debt amount from your total assets amount. To see the inflow and outflow of your money, subtract your total income from your total expenses. This shows you where your money is going. Your inflow and outflow must balance in order for you to be in a healthy financial position. The goal is for your inflow to be greater than your outflow.


Based on the total of your assets, expenses, debt, and income set both short- and long-term goals that mirror what you want your finances to look like in the future. What are your objectives? What is important to you? Set goals that are challenging but attainable.

Financial goals: paying off debt, saving for a new car, saving for a vacation, buying a home or property, building an Emergency fund, investing, saving for retirement, etc.

A vision board would be a valuable tool at this point. A vision board utilizes the laws of attraction to create the life that you want. It is a visual reminder of the goals that you set for yourself. It is also a powerful motivator. Click here for assistance with creating your unique Vision board.


Analyze your current resources and debt, and determine what actions you need to take to accomplish each goal that you have set. Specify realistic time frames for each. Evaluate your expenses; are there areas where you can cut back (such as, packing lunch instead of purchasing it daily or changing that Premium cable package to a Basic package)? Are there avenues in which you can generate extra income?

A Financial Literacy course would be ideal for helping you with analyzing your current finances and teaching you money management as well as steps to capitalize on saving, investing, and creating income. Click here for assistance with financial literacy education.


It is recommended that you set up separate accounts and auto payments to assist with your outflow and savings. You should have at least two checking and savings accounts. This way, you can direct your income to separate accounts and designate a separate amount for debt, savings, investing, etc. Auto payments are ideal for making timely payments debt payments as well as having money directly sent to savings. You could designate one checking account for established debt (credit cards, mortgage/rent, car payment) and another for expenses that fluctuate (utilities, household items, gasoline, groceries). You could designate one savings account for travel and entertainment and another for long-term items such as an Emergency fund, or funds for investing.


Regularly review the goals and timelines that you have set. Are you on point for achieving them? Regularly review your saving and investment accounts. Are the balances on track with your goals? It is imperative that you monitor your progress closely, and as financial circumstances and personal life changes occur, make adjustments as needed.

For assistance with any of the above, contact our Financial Literacy Coach and owner of Prospective Vision Solutions Financial Coaching & Services, Angenett Curry. Angenett will put you on the path to financial success and an exciting future.




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