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About PVS

PVS has a wide range of personal development areas and is targeting the low income and those that are lacking financial education. PVS offers several workshops that allow clients the ability to exchange their current lifestyles and habits with proven strategies that will enable them to the opportunity to transform their lives emotionally and financially. PVS teaches clients how to re-train their minds to think differently when it comes to financial stability and wholesome living. We provide proven strategies that will guide clients to create a secure lifestyle and how a client can create a total package that focuses on personal development, financial development, and professional development.

Our Services

Financial Literacy 101 Workshop

This financial literacy course is designed to alert, inform, and educate students in the concepts of personal finance and money management.This course will start students on a path toward being in control of their financial futures.

Vision Board Workshop

This class is designed to teach clients how to create a unique vision board using pictures, images, and words to represent their dreams and goals as they prepare for their new, fun and exciting life. This class teaches you how to confront and conquer your negative beliefs and habits.

Professional Development Workshop

Angenett uses the steps aligned in the book FISH to give specific steps and activities on how employees can transform their workplace into a holistic conducive place to work.

Holistic Relationship Workshop

This workshop covers the issues most couples face and how to conquer the need to be in control in a relationship. As each couple discover their primary love language, they will learn how to use it to connect and improve their relationships, build stronger marriages, and construct a solid foundation.

Personal Development Workshop

This workshop will dissect the ten steps of personal development so the client can effectively apply each step to their life at home and in the public. The clients will discuss 7 different areas of life and align clear and concise strategies that will help them balance each area according to their specific need and lifestyle.

Transformational Speaking/Life Coaching

Angenett will inspire your group/audience my telling how she overcame obstacles to become successful. She also offers one-on-one coaching to manifest your dreams and how to actually live the life you’ve always wanted.


About Angenett Curry

Angenett Curry is a native of Shaw, MS and Vicksburg, MS. She is the successful owner of A Prospective Vision LLC and has been in business since 2017. She has conducted several workshops in the Central Mississippi Area and abroad Mississippi. Her purpose is to share her success stories and teach the strategies she learned in hopes that each client personally apply them to their life to build a life of financial stability and abundance.


To provide quality services to our clients that will help them develop the mindset to become exemplary citizens and financially stable.


To build an environment of employee engagement, empowerment and involvement where people can offer their best; equip managers with tools, resources and a policy framework that facilitates an effective operating environment.


To provide clients with the tools needed to be financially stable and live a Holistic lifestyle full of love and happiness.

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