About Us

We specialize in improving lives, one step at a time.

Angenett Curry, CEO of Prospective Vision Solutions, LLC (PVS) started her home-based business in 2016 mainly selling bath & body products. In January of 2018, after seeing that the sales were decreasing, she decided to focus on personal financial coaching and other financial services because there was a need in the community to show clients how to manage their personal finance. Angenett Curry has worked at Itawamba Community College as the Student Loan Coordinator for five years. She realized through student loan counseling, there was a direct correlation with minority families not knowing how to manage their personal finance which led them to use student loans as a way of supplementing their income. After this, she decided to focus on creating workshops to assist families with managing their personal finances, credit repair, and holistic living. Angenett Curry honestly believes that creating a personal financial game plan will ensure that families become viable citizens and business owners that will nourish their community. 

Prospective Vision Solutions LLC (PVS) is a life-changing, transformational company that teaches and equips clients to shift their mindset from a negative outlook to a positive outlook on their future goals. PVS has expertise in a wide range of personal development areas and is targeting those that need help with mastering their personal finances. PVS will offer this market the ability to exchange their current lifestyle and habits with proven strategies that will allow its clients the opportunity to transform their lives financially and holistically. PVS will assist its clients with boosting morale and creating their personal/professional vision board to set a clear and precise roadmap to achieving their personal/professional goals. PVS gets clients to outline their personal/professional goals in three different aspects: Vision Board, Financial Game Plan, and Community Outreach. In those three aspects, PVS will get clients to align their personal/professional goals in retrospect with the needs of their home and community. Once the need is accessed, the client will create an action plan to achieve those goals. The action plan is strategically placed on the vision board and then specific steps are created to make sure goals are achieved.  

Future Of The Company

Prospective Vision Solutions LLC has decided to offer a wide variety of services according to its expertise and the need in the community. Prospective Vision Solutions LLC will house three businesses: PVS Financial Coaching & Services, Anchors Bath & Body, and The Southern Healthytarian. All three companies cater to a direct need in the community. This creates sustainability and solid business infrastructure. PVS Financial Coaching & Services will provide financial literacy webinars, workshops, and personal financial coaching. Anchors Bath & Body will provide Artisan bath & body products to those that are partial to parabens, dyes, and toxic ingredients.

The Southern Healthytarian provides healthy food videos, advice, and resources to help maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. 
Prospective Vision Solutions LLC (PVS) is certified as a Minority-Owned Business. PVS will also join the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce and network with local businesses to conduct virtual webinars and workshops to reach potential clients in the community. Our goal is to make sure every minority family has the education and tools to become financially stable, healthy, and happy.  

We are here to serve you

Our Mission

To provide quality services to our clients that will help them develop the mindset to become exemplary citizens and financially stable.

Our Purpose

To build a community of strong financially stable individuals that will break generational curses and provide a solid financial education system that will encourage, promote self-worth, philanthropy, and empowerment.

Our Vision

To provide clients with the tools needed to be financially stable and live a Holistic lifestyle full of love and happiness.